Robotic Automation Services & Solutions

Our unique framework helps in rapid RPA Deployments & hence enables quick ROI.

We help companies automate repetitive digital tasks by creating BOTs that can learn, mimic & execute rule-based business processes. Skywalk Global's Automation & AI practice takes a product-agnostic approach to ensure we recommend the most appropriate solution to our clients. Our end-to-end RPA services enable our clients to determine their current automation levels & discover opportunities for reducing operational costs & drive up exponential efficiencies at the workplace.


Our highly skilled RPA experts will work along with your IT & business teams to identify processes & opportunities well suited for automation, select the most appropriate RPA technology, develop automation workflows & help your organization set up your own RPA COE.

Our unique framework helps in rapid RPA Deployments & hence enables quick ROI. Our proven approach helps our clients to identify quick wins, build POCs, Pilot POCs, Implement & scale to enterprise volumes & continuously perform benefit analysis for constant improvement on the value being delivered to your business.


Partner with you & help create ROI for RPA investments.

Identify quick wins by choosing the right pilot projects.

Project Manage end-to-end RPA projects.

We do end-to-end Implementation for you.

Help you select the right use cases.

Choose the right RPA products & Tools.

Regularly measure & report value delivered by the BOTs. Help you set up , your own RPA COEs for your organizations. As part of the COE we will help you operationalize the most appropriate RPA operating & governance model, deployment strategy & change management plan.