About the Client

Our client is a family of healthcare companies focused on delivering high-quality care to patients in the US.

My Workspace App

This application was developed for Clinicians and Non-Clinicians. This app is in SharePoint where users can view their information from one central location. It has integration with QGENDA, EMTIME, EMWORKS and ORACLE to display My Info, My PTO, My Pay, Schedules and Credentialing.

Goals & Challenges

  • Our client does not have a centralized collaboration and workspace system where employees and physicians can get their information from one location.
  • Currently, employees/physicians log in to different portals to get their information.
  • Integration with backend 6 systems is a big challenge.


  • SharePoint is the best platform to meet this requirement.
  • All employee’s login to one portal to view their information.
  • This app uses REST API to integrate with various systems and display data to registered users.


  • My workspace application is a primary app for client’s users. Users can view their paycheck, team hierarchy, facilities & license information from one central location.
  • This saves a lot of time for employees who must log in to multiple systems to obtain information.