About the Client

Our client is a family of healthcare companies focused on delivering high-quality care to patients in the US.

Goals & Challenges

  • Client was looking for an application that can be used by their healthcare providers to do a brief observation and remote consultation for their patients within 24-48 hours after they are discharged from the Emergency Room. This app should permit providers to carry outpatient assessments, send information to the billing department and generate reports.
  • Client is looking for a mobile compatible platform that allows patients to enroll in the post-discharge process after they discharge from the Emergency Room.
  • This application should integrate with the Client’s billing system to generate invoices.


  • Recommended using Salesforce platform. This platform is best suited for this application.
  • Salesforce provides a Health cloud model that can be used to store patient information securely. It also complies with the HIPAA standard.
  • Recommended using MuleSoft API to obtain real-time billing information
  • We helped the client implement this solution.


  • This app has become the number one utility for the Emergency medicine department for the post-discharge process.
  • Easily used with 100 facilities across the United States.
  • Virtual sight calls helped physicians to interact with patients.
  • Easy and mobile-friendly application.