Skywalk Global Financial Case Studies

Learn how Skywalk Global has helped one of the Leading Asset Management Companies with Robust Quality Assurance Process.

About the Client

Client is an asset management company and part of a group managing equity, fixed income, investments solutions, multi-asset, and property investments for clients.

Goals & Challenges

The IT team of the Enterprise was working without an efficient Quality Assurance process. This led to the development team having to deal with a lot of rework and the Business users having to deal with a large amount of bugs/issues seeping into the releases. The IT team could not plan for future changes to the Business as the development team was always in the process of fixing the bugs/issues which were stopping the Business users from working on their applications.


  • Defined QA process which was suitable to the project needs and made the entire IT team adhere to the process.  
  • Provided the plan for builds and no. of releases for each build which could optimize the build quality.  
  • The QA experts from Skywalk Global could provide their expertise to create a more formalized Project plan and help the IT team produce excellent quality products. 


  • High-quality releases. 
  • Reduced rework of the development team. 
  • Happy business users due to zero defects. 
  • Healthier planning of builds. 
  • Huge savings on efforts of the development team and Business users. 
  • Handling of day-to-day business changes as per market needs has been made simple and easy.